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Mar 28, 2015 at 06:33 PM

Authorization problems with WorkManager



I have implemented Work Manager 6.2 and I'm receiving the following errors.

- When receiving a work order, Start Work Order button is disabled.

- I can start operations, but after completing the operation, if I sync, I have this error: "com.syclo.agentry.BusinessLogicException: CreateConfirmationSteplet - You have no authorization for Transaction"

- When creating a Work Order, "Main Work Center" and "Work Center Plant" dropbox is disabled, and after sync a new order, the message "No authorization for planning plant XXX" is received.

Just in case, the users have their personeel numbers and orders are assigned to that personnel numbers, and VAP parameter is configured too.

In addition of this, on SAP GUI, that user can create orders normally and the list of "Main Work Center" and "Work Center Plant" is displayed normally.

You know if additional authorizations are required or it's a different problem?

Thank you in advance.