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Jan 16, 2006 at 04:09 PM

Retaining HTMLB form data onSelect dropdown event


Hi All,

I am developing a BSP application that contains a region/subregion relationship. For example, when a user selects a region 'NORTH AMERICA', it should refresh the page and display another dropdown that has sub-region options for 'NORTH AMERICA' only. For example, 'NORTH EAST', 'SOUTH EAST', 'SOUTH WEST', 'MID WEST', etc...

The problem that I have with it is that when I select a region, it triggers an "onSelect" event of the dropdown control thus refreshing the BSP page and losing all other values that the user has already entered such as name, DOB, etc...

So my question is whether there is a way to trigger a dropdown event to refresh the BSP without losing any of the data already in the form. I could do it by setting "auto" parameters, but that would be a mess as some of the data resides in very complex structures and internal tables.

Ideally, I would just pass the 'region' selection as the "auto" parameter to perform a filter on sub-regions in onInitialize routine. Unfortunately, if I do it now, I lose all the other stuff.

Please let me know if you had a similar challenge, and if you were able to solve it.

Thanks very much!

Roman D.