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Mar 27, 2015 at 11:20 AM

Restricted key figures



I've created a report (similar financial statement, P/L, cashflow, ...) based on data source FINGLAU04 with several own restricted key figures.

Those restricted key figures always have overlapping characteristics for the restriction criteria.

To explain in more detail:

My report contains plan and actual data of this and previous years for comparision. I could not use the Standard key figure Groups as they are either restricted on plan/actual or comparison of two years.

Therfore, to accomplish, I deselected the Standard key figure Groups and worked with restricted key figures. Some of those key figures have the same characteristic (variable) for the restriciction (besides other characteristics with fixed predifined value that are different). E. g. when I want to compare plan and actual figures of period 3 of this year. I have two restricted figures both with the same characteristic "period/year" for restriction (as variable).

The system shows two selection criterias in the report. One for each key figure. However, it's the same selection.

As there are several key figures, that have same restriction criteria (besides other fixed predefined restriction criteria that are different) it's getting annoying for the customer to very often enter the same selection criteria in the report (one time for each key figure).

Any idea to solve this problem is highly appreciated.

BR, Roswitha