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Mar 27, 2015 at 10:18 AM

Why my primary key column is not underlined?


Hi friends,

I'm very new with PowerDesigner and the data modeling and I'm playing with trial edition of PowerDesigner. I watched this video at youtube: and I observed some difference between the video and my instance of PowerDesigner. (BTW, all my testing is in a Physical Data Model)

1. In the video, primary key columns have been underlined.

And my testing is this:

Note that I've already set "id" as primary key column but it does not get underlined.

2. In the video, there is a "D" column, but as you see in the previous snapshot, my PowerDesigner doesn't have that column. What's the "D" column stand for?

3. The video author said, when we create relations between 2 entities, we need to drag from the child entity to the parent entity. The author actually drag from department entity to employee table and below is a snapshot from the video.

But as I understand, the employee entity here should be considered as the child entity and the department entity should be parent entity. It's because each employee should have a department_id to represent which department he or she is in. Is my understand correct? Also after the author drag from department to employee, a new column "employee id" was added automatically to the department entity.

When I drag from employee to department, what I got is show in the following snapshot:

As you can see, no new column has been added to the employee table and it just use the primary key column "id" as a foreign key column. That's apparently not correct. I've looked around in the software but still can't fix it.

Could anyone help me on my problems? Thank you in advance!