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Mar 27, 2015 at 09:33 AM

Travel Services display and approval in MSS


Hi there,

I'm implementing Travel Request and Travel Expenses, but without Travel Planning.

We have 2 requirements when an employee submits a Travel Request.

(1) Supervisor needs to see the Travel Services required before he can approve the Travel Request

(2) Upon Approval the Travel Services required needs to be emailed to the Secretary to manually book required travel services.

In creating a Travel Request, the employee is able to use standard functionality to specify required travel services (e.g flight).

Please see attached screenshot

Create Travel Request with travel Services.png

However in the MSS, the supervisor is not able to view anything beyond the trip details when viewing the Task in UWL.

Please see attached screenshots of MSS view of open task item.

MSS - Open Task Item 1.png

MSS - Open Task Item 1.png

Is there a standard method of allowiing the supervisor to view Travel Services before doing the approval, as keyed in by the employee?