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Mar 27, 2015 at 08:18 AM

In EHP7 Charecter Encoding problem in ALV Report in Exel file


Hi ABAP Guru,

There is a problem in ALV Report while this report takes a Exel print from local file button. The problem is when the data is other than English the exel content shows # in the place of original data. Suppose the language is Russian the data shows in ALV Report perfect. But when take a Exel copy it convert to #.The problem arise after up gradation from EHP4 to EHP7.

I found in Debug mode when the exel is generated the FM GUI_DOWNLOAD called. There is a parameter CODEPAGE in FM GUI_DOWNLOAD the data pass 4103 in EHP4.But in EHP7 no data passed in that CODEPAGE parameter from calling environment.

If I pass the 4103 data in debug mode the original language data is coming.

It seems to me this is an upgrade related issue. Is there any note??Please suggest me to apply the note.

The issue is global. Please help me