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Mar 27, 2015 at 06:45 AM

Account Type setting and Distribution Rules



In the Chart of Account, the Account Type field has 3 options: Sales, Expenditure and Other.

The help file mentions:

"You can define the account as a revenue account or as an expense account or as a different type of account (“other”).

This field is used for information purposes only."

At another place, the help file mentions:

"Distribution rule fields are displayed only for G/L accounts of type Sales or Expenditure."

My question is that normally under the Revenue drawer, we have lots of accounts other than Sales GLs, example Interest, Dividend, Discount Received, Profit on Sale of Assets, Realized Forex Gain Loss, Unrealized Forex Gain Loss, etc.

If I want to use Cost Centers and Dimensions for all the accounts, do I have to mark Account Type as Sales for all the Revenue drawer GLs, even though some do not pertain to Sales?

Similarly, if I want to use Cost Centers and Dimensions for the accounts under Asset drawer, can I mark them as Account Type Sales in order to enable Cost Centers? Will it have any other impact elsewhere in any other report or in system behaviour?