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Mar 26, 2015 at 08:56 PM

Basic finish time update in notification order IW34


Hi All,

I am creating notification using IW51 and after that I am creating notification order using IW34 tcode.

The order is creating successfully but Basic finish time(AFKO-GLUZP) is updating with '000000' instead of '240000'.

This is not happening when I create order manually this is only happening when I create orders using BDC.

The finish time is not visible in my order screen so standard is automatically setting up this one.

So I would like to check the finish time(CAUFVD-GLUZP) is zero I would like to set it to '240000' while saving the order or ..which userexit /badi i have to use to set this basic finish time.

I got one function module exit IWO10012 but it's not triggering while creating the IW34 order.

Could any one let me know how I can achieve this. Is there any exit I can change the value for basic finish time. Which enhancement approach is best in this case.

I appreciate your help on this.