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Mar 26, 2015 at 06:50 PM

Totaling Calculated Members in Cross Tab


I have created a cross tab where I'm trying to calculate the total number of hours required to build our products. In the left column I have the SKU's listed that we build. The build is grouped by month with a total at the end. Each SKU pulls the number of units to build, Standard labor and a calculation of Standard Labor * number of units. I have the summary on the Standard cost set to Average so that it gives me the correct standard in the far right total column. The individual data rows work fine. My issue is in the top totaling row. Since the total line uses the same formula as the below rows it is taking the average of the standard cost * total units to build. The issue is if you add up the total labor lines in the rows it does not equal the total hours in the total row. I need to create a calculation that would total the total labor of each row and ideally place it in the total row at the top. Any suggestions?


Image 12.jpg (198.7 kB)