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Mar 26, 2015 at 03:09 PM

Include secondary costs in KSII calculation


Hhi All,

I have a situation where there are two activities on one cost centre:

  1. THCONS - Estimated cost for theatre consumables
  2. THCONSC - Accurate cost for theatre consumables

THCNSC is an accurate cost per procedure and once posted does not get revalued at month end.

THCNS is an estimated cost per procedure and is revalued via the actual costs posted to the cost centre under the cost element group A_CONS

THCNSC is posted using the secondary cost element THTRCNSC. I would like to include the cost element THTRCNSC in the calculation of the price for the activity type THCNS and have added it to the cost element group A_CONS, however, KSII seems to ignore the values posted under secondary cost elements when calculating the prices.

Ultimately I would like the cost centre postings to be as follows:

So that the revaluation of actual price for activity THCNS takes in to account the value on the cost element THTRCNSC.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated




KSII reval.JPG (41.2 kB)