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Jan 16, 2006 at 02:32 PM

MVC: Data binding w/ getter methods


Hello there,

Yes, me again w/ a MVC question. My problem is to use getter methods instead of public attributes.

I have a model class that implements IF_BSP_MODEL_BINDING and have a public method called GETNAME_FULL() that returns a String.

Also, I have a method named GET_NAME_FULL() also. No way, it throws an exception, with public attribs it is working fine. The exception is basically in RESOLVE_MODEL_BINDING(). However, there error is elsewhere - meaning I havo no clue if just using that interface and an accordingly named getter method is enough.

Being a plain return value, I do not think I have to prepend things like S in the method's name.

FYI: We have a WAS 6.20, thus I do not understand the meta info methods as described below in

SAP" target="_blank">">SAP MVC Help.

What do I have to do there?

Thanks for any hints.