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Mar 26, 2015 at 02:49 PM

Eclipse Local Client connect to AWS HANA



I have done my due diligence and now turning to SCN community. I have been unsuccessful connecting my local eclipse client to my AWS HANA Instance. I have looked through SCN and been unable to determine what my issue is exactly. I have an installed eclipse Luna (win 8.1) with tools, changed the config for heap etc, and tried to installed the mentioned Microsoft VC Runtime. VC runtime comes back saying I have a newer version than the link on the hanatools page.

Shouldn't I just be able to use the instance IP address from the "SAP Server External IP Address" to connect to the instance from my desktop eclipse?

Any help getting past this is greatly appreciated.

P.S. There is another way mentioned that says to copy the eclipse directory from the Remote Desktop to your local drive, but this seems like it would take forever and use a lot of resources on AWS and cost $$$ just to copy this directory.

Thanks again for any help!