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Mar 26, 2015 at 01:32 PM

Plant determination for items in different plants. Same Sold to and Ship to



I have an item for example A-123 created first in plant 0001(1000 10 Dist) then extended to plant 0002 (1000 10)

Customer number is 555 in sales area 1000 10 10 ( PY,BP SH same as SP)

I have neither maintained any CMIR nor any plant in Customer master and i want to determine plant 0002 only and not 0001 in sales order because it is close to the SH ( SP).

But it is only determining plant 0001 in the line items level

Note: I have kept delivering plant DWERKS as 0002 in both plant 0001 and 0002 still it would determine only 0001 in the sales order item level