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Mar 26, 2015 at 11:32 AM

Dump with HTLM file



We have strange error regarding ITS.

Out of templates(FGr LMOB) we created new Service. In SICF there is a working service.

When we call it there is a logon window and after puting user/password we receive HTML error.

Came to conclusion that Service itsmobile(standard) is causing this error.

At Quility system we had this issue, on Development not. All code is the same , settings on service is the same. ITSMOBILE service is active (tested via ISTMOBILE00 in SICF).

But after publishing internet service on dev system ITSMOBILE (from se80) also Development is not working anymore.

It seems that ITSMOBILE cannot be published otherwise error.

Any Ideas?

What we tried:

- recreate templates -> no success

- Invalidate system-wide MIME and HTML Template caches via txn SITSPMON (Template & MIME cache tab) -> no success

- Invalidate the ICM cache globally via txn SMICM (Go to -> HTTP Server Cache -> Invalidate -> Global in system) -> no success

- republish our service, and also all services -> no success

ERROR in ST22:


What happened?

The template templates/itsmobile/99/include/sound.html

contains syntax errors and therefore could not be compiled. Cause of

error: The token "(" ("(") was not recognized.

The syntax error is in row: 4, column: 130

The HTMLB row with errors is:

"` <bgsound src="`mimeURL(~service="itsmobile", ~theme=99,

~language="", ~name="sounds/all/sapsoundmsg.wav")`" loop="1" `sh()`>"