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Mar 26, 2015 at 08:56 AM

How to connect one satellite system on two SolMans



we have a two-system landscape for our Solution Manager 7.1 SP11.

Our central SLD system is PI, then via SLD bridge to Solman production and Solman test. Because we use system tracks in case of system changes, all of our satellite systems are configured to our Solman Prod.

Now we have to test the Scope and Effort Analyser and want to do that on Solman test. Therefore we need UPL data there. For this, the diagnostic agent is needed to be configured to the Solution manager. But the SMD Agent is already registered to Solman prod. So we installed a second SMD Agent on the sateillite system to connect with this second SMD instance to Solman test.

Is this the right way to connect one satellite system to two Solman systems?

Thanks and best regards