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Mar 25, 2015 at 04:40 PM

Multiple File with different names


Hi SDNites,

I have a scenario in which my sender IDOC generates multiple files which is happening absolutely fine. But each file should have a unique name which will be decided based on the 2 payload parameters. I have to use one payload parameter as it is and the other I don't need to use the same in file name and have to use a corresponding defined value.

For ex: If Payload has,

1. Parameter 1 as 123 and parameter 2 as Test 1 then I have to create file name with 123_ABC. (Test 1 = ABC)

2. Parameter 1 as 789 and parameter 2 as Test 2 then I have to create file name with 789_PQR. (Test 2 = PQR)

I have this mapping detail with me. Based on my understanding we cannot use Variable Substitution as the parameter2 cannot be used directly to create File name. So I have created a UDF implementing Dynamic Configuration but somehow in the Filename I always get the last value which I have read for Parameter 1. Based on above example, 2 files generated are coming with File name as 789_ABC and 789_ABC. Can you provide your suggestion on the above.