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Mar 25, 2015 at 04:19 PM

Account Determination OBYC


Hi SAP Champs!

Currently we are making PO with Account assignment category as cost center ='K' and material text, there is setting in OBYC that when

COA= 1000

Transaction = WRX

Valuation Modifiers = 0001

General Modifiers = *blank

Valuation Class = *blank

Account = XXXXXXX.

Now when we are making PO and giving GL ZZZZZZZ on account assignment tab and saving the PO, when making MIGO, it is working fine as it should be in standard.


We don't want to touch OBYC settings, we want to make a Z table with POTYPE AND GL ACCOUNT as a filed, and whenever there is blank valuation class, it should post accounting entry to the GL maintained in Z table instead of OBYC GL i.e. XXXXXXX.

We have tried to do this in MB_MIGO_BADI, EXIT_SAPLKONT_011 but in all the cases it is posting in OBYC GL only.

Request you to share your opinion, how to achieve this, a help will be highly appreciated.

Thank you

Warm Regards