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Mar 25, 2015 at 04:36 PM

Error saving package in Organize Package List after Modify Script


We're upgrading from BPC MS 7.5 PL 6 (SQL 2008) to BPC MS 10.0 PL 15 (SQL 2012).

We have several custom DataManager packages with Script Tasks in them.

The problem we're running into is we get an error trying to save the package after it has been loaded into DataManager Organize Package List.

Steps to reproduce error with simple package

  • Create a new integration solution in SSDT-BI
  • Add a "Script Task" to package file (no need to add code or modify here)
  • save
  • Copy package file to appropriate folder under \WebFolders\
  • Log into BPC into the environment/model that owns the location where the package file was placed
  • Select Organize from the Data Manager menu.
  • Add package to appropriate area in Organize Package List
  • Modify the package from Organize Package List
  • Click Modify Script button
  • Click Save button
  • Result is the error dialog that is attached.

We've tried every permutation we can think of and have not been successful in fix.

Has anyone out there experienced something like this?


Brian Fitzgerald