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Mar 25, 2015 at 01:39 PM

Question: Call OData Connector methods from View JS or XML


Hello Experts,

We are working on a small proof of concept wherein we would like search the list of employees based on the employee code. We are trying to connect to success factors (SF) backend here using OData. The view.js file is developed using SAP UI5. Now we are trying to call backend method which should connect to SF from JS in the event - 'on click' of 'search' button.

We have referred the benefits sample application already but the search in this is more of filtering rather connecting to backend on the fly. It prefetching the employees list and filtering on the results table. So, we could not get much of help here.

We know this is a basic stuff but as we are new to this framework, any references or pointers on this topic would be of great help. Appreciate your support. Thanks in advance.