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Mar 25, 2015 at 02:21 AM

Prompt Value


Hi Experts:


BO Webi:

User interested in seeing the blank entries for fiscal period prompt.

For this:

Iam trying to capture the system date in the userresponse function if prompt not answered and i need to compare with below client calendar table to derive the current fiscal period:

Ex 1: Year = 2015 Mon =1 Day =24

This means till jan 24th its Client fiscal period which is 001/2015

Ex 2: Year = 2015 Mon =2 Day =21

This means last month jan 25th onwards till feb 21st it is Client period 2. 002/2015

Ex 3: Year = 2015 Mon =3 Day =28

This means last month feb 22nd onwards till March 28th it is Client period 3 003/2015....and so on..

Expected Output: In an empty cell: 003/2015

From mar 29th onwards, i have to display 004/2015 fiscal period in an empty cell and so on..

I have tried sofar captured the system date if user doesnot input the fiscal period prompt in an userresponse fn but could not able to proceed further.

Appreciate your kind help in derving the formula of fiscal period based on above examples from the userresponse fn..