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Mar 24, 2015 at 09:03 PM

Update Product information on CRM. [ECC + CRM]


Hi gurus!

We made the creation of some products in SAP ECC which were downloaded to SAP CRM through the Middleware. Success!

We've created an ABAP Program to do a mass update information in products that were downloaded but there are information that require a FRG_GUID and this is the problem. How do I create this FRAGMENT_GUID (FRG_GUID)?

Note: If I update this information manually in WebClient the FRG_GUID is generated automatically and the data is saved correctly in product. I tried to debug CRM to find how the CRM works but I did not discover anything.

Note2: This information that i want to update is in an Assignment Block 'Z'.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.