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Mar 24, 2015 at 08:28 AM

Pass/receive WF data between clients



Can someone please help with following.

I have a WF(1) that is started in client 010 for example with class instance.

In WF(1) I have a step with class method and there I am executing function module with RFC destination - client 020.

I am successfully getting all data in 020 WF(2) and processing it.

In the end I need to pass data back to client 010 WF(1), which is stopped on waiting step, that waits for event, that is additionally defined in WF header.

Now when passing all data back to client 010 I am getting ERROR.

Maybe someone had same problem and is it possible at all to pass data back to already running WF from other client?

How it should look approximately?

Thank you.