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Mar 23, 2015 at 07:49 PM

Payment Budget Consumption?



I’ve been searching the forum for a solution in funds management where payment budget is consumed when actual payment is being made to vendor or received from customers. I came to know that this can be achieved through online payment transfer in funds management but the problem is that I haven’t worked with this function in Funds Management so I have absolutely no idea how this will work. I have some queries regarding this. Let’s assume that I booked an invoice to vendor by debiting rent expense. Now at this point the budget for rent commitment item gets consumed. Then payment is being made to vendor and this posts no impact in funds management. But when I activate online payment transfer what will happened then? At the time of invoice will budget get consumed? Or will it get consumed at the time of payment? How will this be shown in budget consumption report on both (invoice and payment) levels? Can anyone please guide me through process of configuring online payment process? What options should be activated in OF29 and what further settings will be required? Really appreciate your help as I am in real need of it.


Atif amin