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Jan 16, 2006 at 04:46 AM

Authorization on Hierarchy



I've loaded a product hierarchy on 0MATERIAL infoobject. Then i created an authorization object on 0material, i assigned this auth object to user profile and gave authorization on one of the nodes of the above loaded hierarchy.

In the Query, i've a variable on 0MATERIAL (with selection option).

User runs the query and in the selection criteria enters multiple products.

Incase the products are from the the same node (assigned in the profile) the output is correct.

But if the user enters 2 valid products and one invalid product (not authorized for).

The system simply returns a message 'No authorization'.

My requirement is : the query should return the details of the valid products (and leave the invalid product) instead of blocking the complete output.

I cannot make the variable as hierarchy variable, as with hierarchy variables product have to be seleted from the hierarchy, while user wants to key in the products