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Mar 23, 2015 at 11:52 AM

power production design in sap


Hi experts,

I have got the following requirement and i proposed the solution. But i am stuck with one thing,


1) The power produced is consumed in the production of the main product say 'x'.

2) And the same power is consumed for the production of the power itself in various stages as follows,

a) The 'water' is the input for the 'Water treatment plant' and 'power' also. They also incur the maintenance cost also.

b) The water is distributed to the town ship and the remaining water is sent to the DP plant, where the waste water is treated and send to boilers, here also power is consumed.

c) In the boiler the it is converted into steam and power is consumed.

d) In the lasted the steam is used for the production of the power.

Solution proposed:-

1) A separate plant is created for the power production, But it will not be a production plant.

2) The power is taken as activity for material 'x' production.

3) In the new plant power is created as service material and the power is taken to the production plant using SO-PO route.

4) And the consumption of raw materials are posted to the cost center for the power production.

Here the problem is, The power is also sold out side.

My question is if we are creating power as service material do we get any problems for selling outside? if so what will be?

Is the proposed solution is correct or not? Is there any alternate solution., If so what is it?

Thanks & Regards

Dinakar sarma