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Mar 23, 2015 at 09:15 AM

How to pass Query Variables to Planning sequence in Analysis for Office


Hello all,

We have a Integrated Planning workbook, where different Excel form buttons are used to execute Planning Sequences. These button actions are implemented using VBA modules.

What i am trying to understand is "how do we pass Query variables to the PS filter?". When executing the PS i am getting error "Specify a value for Reporting Period XXX"

If we are using same Variable in Query & in PS Filter, why does not it consider the value entered through Prompt?

There are settings in Components tab, but there is no-way to assign it directly to a variable. And i am also not sure how I can pass the variable value in VBA code using SETPLANPARAMETER command.


BW: 7.4 SP8

AFO: 1.4.9

Please let us know, if there is a standard was of doing this.

Thanks & Regards,