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Mar 23, 2015 at 07:32 AM

Odata Offline Hybrid application - Write


HI all,

I am trying to build and odata hybrid offline based application using kapsel odata offline Plugin.

The below code is how I create an offline store and open store.

var properties = {
            "name": "EquipmentStoreOffline",
            "host": smphost,
            "port": smpport,
            "https": smphttps,
            "serviceRoot": appId,
            "streamParams": "custom_header=Authorization:" + authStr + ";",
            "definingRequests": {
                "eqheaderDR": definingrequests.EquipmentListDR
        store_EQ = sap.OData.createOfflineStore(properties);
        store_EQ.onrequesterror = onRequestError;, unRegisterErrorCallback);

//open store success for equipment header
function openStoreSuccessCallback_EQ() {
    if (!store_EQ) {
        console.log("The store must be open before it can be refreshed");
        Ext.Msg.alert("Offline Store does not contain data !!");
    if (navigator.onLine) {
        store.refresh(read_EQ, unRegisterErrorCallback);

    else {
        Ext.Msg.alert("You have gone Offline .Please verify your network connectivity.");
        var readlocal = "yes";


function read_EQ(islocal) {
    var oHeaders = {};
    oHeaders['Authorization'] = authStr;
    oHeaders['Content-Type'] = "application/atom+xml";

    var serviceUri = basesmpUrl
        + "$format=xml";

    if (islocal == "yes") {  //displays entities that have been created or updated but have not yet been flushed.
        if (store_EQ && store_EQ.getRequestQueueStatus) { //filter is a new features in SP06 of the SDK.  getRequestQueueStatus was added in the same SP.
            serviceUri = serviceUri + " and sap.islocal()";
        else {
            alert("Displaying changed records that have not yet been flushed requires the offline store to be open and is a new feature in SP06 of the SDK");

    var eqstore = Ext.getStore("EquipmentStore"),
        localStore = Ext.getStore("EquipmentStoreOffline"),
        me = this;

    var request = {
        headers: oHeaders,
        requestUri: serviceUri,
        method: "GET"
        function (data, response) {
            for (var i = 0; i < data.results.length; i++) {
                var rec = {
                    Aufnr: data.results[i].Aufnr,
                    Equnr: data.results[i].Equnr,
                    BarcodeNo: data.results[i].BarcodeNo,
                    Eqktx: data.results[i].Eqktx,
                    Eqart: data.results[i].Eqart,
                    Completion: data.results[i].Completion,
                    Status: data.results[i].Status,
                    Header: data.results[i].Header,
                    Location: data.results[i].Location,
                    SubLocation: data.results[i].SubLocation
            var record = localStore.filter('BarcodeNo', FilterEQ);

        function (err) {

This is my code. I have a few questions on this.

1) I am not sure as of where to give flushstore() , clearstore() and closestore() as given in the example Getting Started with Kapsel - Part 15 -- Offline OData (New in SP05) Right now I have given in " if(navigator.isOnline) " function. is this the right way?

2) There is a read_EQ function being called on refreshing the store (the read function in the example from the above link). The check for (isLocal) is always called even if i dont pass any parameter in the read function(Passing parameter "yes" if offline to check if the queue is present.). When i gave alerts, it seems to be value "OK" and hence the url which has sap.islocal appended in it is throwing error 400. To prevent this, I have right now checked if the value is "yes", the one i am passing when offline and proceeded .Is this the correct way of calling the read function??

3) currently out of the 2 stores equipmentstore and equipment store offline, only one store is being used via this offline method. When online, i clear and reload this and when offline I read from it. Is there a need of 2 seperate stores for online and offline?

4) when should i use closestore and clearstore?

Almost all links i get online is based on Native development. I am using sencha touch with kapsel plugins for hybrid app development.

Kindly reply.