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Mar 23, 2015 at 06:20 AM

Vat- Non deductible and Deductible- Italy


Hi All,

While we are on the usage of Italy procedures, we came aZcross the deductible and non deductible tax codes to be done

i have worked around many ways from the TAXIT procedure , but the user requirement is as follows

Suppose i have created the PO of total price about 500/- and Vat code say V0 = 21%, where the 50 % is non deductible and 50% is deductible

then the entries at MiRO level shoud be as below:

Vendor account : -605 ( 500 + 105-which is the 21% of 500 )--- only vat to be added, is this possible and how ??

GR/IR Account : 552.5 ( 500 + Non deductible part of 21% Vat amount i.e 50 % of 105)

Vat input A/c : 105 ( V0 = 21% )

Vat inout A/c : -52.5 (the other deductible part of vat v0)---- how to bring this ??

I could do the few ways but i am not able to credit the deductible part to Vat input a/c as seperate line item and also the vendor account will be always the sum of GRIR + Vat input a/c in normal scenario

but here user want to book only vat and total price of PO- let me know if this is possible through the std way or else i have to go with ABAPERs on this

i am awating your valuable replies,

Thank you ,



vat parts.png (23.9 kB)