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Jan 15, 2006 at 09:07 PM

CCMS Monitoring - csmreg user settings


Hi Y'all,

We are having problems with our alerts triggering. All the essential settings according to alert setup is done.

1.Alert category set in ALRTCATDEF

2.Rules set up

3.SXMSALERT_PROCESS_DATA_GET has been scheduled as a back ground job.

4.RSALERTPROC pgm is also scheduled as background job.

Still we are unable to see the alerts. They are seen if the RSALERTTEST is run manually but there is no automatic trigerring.

We are in SP11, therefore when we look at the End-To-End information in Message monitoring it is showing nothing instead it MUST show "Available" link to enable triggering of alerts.

We have set Frequency in further settigs of End To End monitoring to "5 minutes" and yet we can't see the report SPI_PS_ASSEMBLE_DSP execute.

I checked the settings according to the "How to monitor XI" guide and found that the CSMREG settings in alert framework is missing. Is this required to be complete as per the guide??

Any advise is appreciated..