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Mar 20, 2015 at 12:50 PM

MaxDb trial cloud, restart required (database) error message.



I was testing out a Java application using a MaxDB on the cloud, everything has gone well - even complex stuff. I have no complaints.

I managed to crash my MaxDB though, and would prefer to be able to restart it instead of deleting it, and creating a new one.

(I know how to restart my MaxDB locally - but not on the clould. - Related issues: how did I kill it. I ran a reporting tool with a parameter in the select part of the query - thus not in the where but in the select. I have already noticed that this does not work but was not expecting this to cause a crash.

I can find another solution for the query - and so I do not care about the cause.... Maybe test my queries always first on my local db... silly.....


Currently everything seems to be down-ish on

if I wait until tomorrow will something kick in and restart it. I could not find the button anywhere, and not can not really connect any to investigate further.