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Jan 15, 2006 at 10:10 AM



Hello all,

Inside KM, from the context menu of resources there is the Send To command. This sends a link to the document by email. Since it sends a link and not the actual document, when the recipient tries to access the document then permissions come into play.

What I've been asked to do is to write code that automaticaly adds Read permission to the sent resource for the receiving person.

I've been working with the code to accomplish this. I've added code, called from the commands' execute() method. From here, whenever I access super.resource I get a null pointer exception and the KM iView that I'm working with obviously then crashes.

There are a couple of problems that I see with this approach anyhoos, particulary other resources being added to the mail after the send to command is invoked on the one resource. Also, just automaticaly assigning permissions like this everytime a doc is sent doesn't seem like a great idea to me.

Another possible solution I suppose is somehow adding the permissions layout to the SendMail iView that popsup when you invoke the send to command on a resource. This would allow the user to manualy add permissions to resources that they are sending, making them think about what they're doing first (hopefuly). I don't have any real idea about how to go about this though.

Any help, insight, other possible solutions to this problem are very welcome and greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time,