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Mar 20, 2015 at 07:47 AM

KeyFigure: Quantity Total Stock (0TOTALSTCK) issue...


Dear All,

I'm working on SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3 and I have installed standard InfoCube: Material Stocks/Movements (as of 3.0B) (T:Name: 0IC_C03) with standard data flow (DataSources--->InfoSources--->InfoCube. When I check the design/maintenance of this standard InfoCube. I can see the KeyFigure (Quantity Total Stock (0TOTALSTCK)) under Key Figures folder. As this InfoCube has historical and delta records for past five years and when I go to its context menu and select "Display Data" I can not find this Key Figure. When I check transformations between the InfoSources and InfoCube I can not find this Key Figure there also. I had created/designed an Universe on it, but still I'm unable to see/find/locate this Key Figure although it is present into InfoCube.

Please see below screen shots:

1. InfoCube is having this Key Figure:

2. Transformation screen shot: Transformation Target (InfoCube) is not showing this Key Figure.

3. Universe screen shot: Universe based on this InfoCube is showing all "Measures" except this Measure/KeyFigure:

1. Have I missed something, which is not showing this Key Figure, as it is present into InfoCube?

2. What should I do to get this Key Figure available for "LISTCUBE" or BO Measures?

3. How to resolve this issue?

I will appreciate your reply.

Many thanks!!!

Tariq Ashraf