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Mar 19, 2015 at 10:05 PM

Condition Types on PO/GR



We are just starting to use condition types on the PO. Up to this point, we were using account assignment category 'K' and posting surcharges such as freight or fuel as expense lines in the account assignment tab.

My question is concerning the account assignment for the condition types. I know that in MM Account Determination, we link the condition type to a G/L account.

Here is what I'm seeing on our Goods Receipts. If we post Freight as a statistical condition type, we get a line on the Goods Receipt for Freight with the offset to the Purchase Price Variance Account. If we also add a discount, the freight is offset by the discount account. If we only have a discount, the offset goes to the Purchase Price Variance account.

To sum this up, if there is only a discount, or only one surcharge, the amount gets posted to the correct G/L account and the offset goes to the Purchase Price Variance GL account.

If there is a discount and freight, no posting goes to the Purchase Price Variance Account. The two (freight and discount) offset each other on the Goods Receipt (if they are the same amount).

That doesn't seem right to me.

Is it the way we have our MM Pricing Procedure configured?

I'd appreciate any help or advice on this.

Thanks and regards,

Judy Ortscheid