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Mar 19, 2015 at 07:40 PM

SC External Catalog problem when more than 10 items


Hi All,

I'm using an external catalog (web service) using the HOOK_URL to send back the items to the Shopping Cart.

It's working fine except when sending more than 10 items, in those cases I getting an error screen saying "The Website Cannot Display The Page" at the moment I go back from my custom web-dynpro to the SC page.

I have 2 options, to refresh the error page or to go back to the previous page...if I go back then I see the SC screen with no item added.

If I refresh the page I see the SC page but with some of the items (not all of them)...for example if I enter 11 items in my custom WD...when I refresh the error page I see just 6 items in the SC.

I tried to put a break in the BADI BBP_CATALOG_TRANSFER, and It's being executed when I click on Refresh on the error page, not before.

For example, in the previous scenario, if I enter 11 items, the BADI is executed but just getting 6 items.

Again, it's working everuthing fine when sending 10 items, or 9, or 3....the problem is when sending 11 or more.

My items are being added this way:



'&NEW_ITEM-DESCRIPTION' '[' l_v_index ']=' <lwa_item>-description

'&NEW_ITEM-QUANTITY' '[' l_v_index ']=' <lwa_item>-quantity

'&NEW_ITEM-UNIT' '[' l_v_index ']=' <lwa_item>-unit

'&NEW_ITEM-PRICE' '[' l_v_index ']=' l_v_price

'&NEW_ITEM-PRICEUNIT' '[' l_v_index ']=' <lwa_item>-price_unit_str

'&NEW_ITEM-CURRENCY' '[' l_v_index ']=' <lwa_item>-currency

'&NEW_ITEM-LEADTIME' '[' l_v_index ']=' l_v_leadtime

'&NEW_ITEM-VENDOR' '[' l_v_index ']=' l_v_supplier

'&NEW_ITEM-VENDORMAT' '[' l_v_index ']=' <lwa_item>-supplier_part_no

'&NEW_ITEM-MATGROUP' '[' l_v_index ']=' <lwa_item>-prod_cat

'&NEW_ITEM-SERVICE' '[' l_v_index ']=' l_v_service

'&NEW_ITEM-CUST_FIELD5' '[' l_v_index ']=' <lwa_item>-po_text

INTO l_v_items.

Where l_v_index has

'1 ' when it's item 1,

'2 ' when 2,

'10 ' when item 10, and so on.

And then I'm concatenating thal l_v_items to the url:

CONCATENATE l_v_url l_v_items INTO l_v_url.

Do you know if this is any standard limitation? Or is it any other way to send back more than 10 items?