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Mar 19, 2015 at 05:57 PM

PCo - No update with RPCO_BS_INT_TEST on Tag(s) possible?


Dear Experts,

i'm trying to get familiar with Plant Connectivity, so please be patient.

In our Test-Scenario we have PCo (15.01.2196) connected to an ERP (7.4.0007).

When i try to STORE changed Tag-Data via RPCO_BS_INT_TEST, i always got error

Exception [Exception] - Expected 'identifier' at position 59 but got en

where the position [59] will change according to the different tags, the error occurs for each datatype.


* Add CULTURE statement: Use constant value 'en' because decimal
* values shall always be transferred to PCo using '.' as separator

STORE 'Start_request(REQ)' = 'true' AT '2015-03-19T17:48:19' CULTURE 'en';

When i delete the > CULTURE 'en' < Statement in debug mode, it gives no error and gives a success message that value is changed.

I wonder what's going wrong here? Do you have experienced something similar?

Do we have a messed up installation or ...?

Any Input is welcome.