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Mar 19, 2015 at 12:10 PM

Issue with loading & sharing bookmark



I have created bookmark in design studio (DS 1.3 SP1) and when I try to load or share it I am receiving following error message.

I have faced that issue only when I bookmarked 2 years data, when I decrease it to one year all is fine.

The data source of the dashboard is based on hava db (one table with 500 records ) based on which unx was created.

Like you have seen on the left hand side in filter panel the value "Last 2 Years" for Select date range filter is selected. When I refresh them the data occurs.

Have you got some explanation for this anomaly, the amount of the data is not so big to affect that.

If you have some experience whether the newest version of DS fix that please share.



bookmark 1.jpg (214.8 kB)