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Mar 19, 2015 at 11:38 AM

ATP check



ATP check is based on Planned receipts and planned issues. I have the following questions.

Iam assuming that for Planned receipts I have considered only PO and for planned issues I have only considered sales orders. I have the following questions.

1a) Which PO are considered for planned receipts. Are only open PO (without GR) considered for planned receipts ?

1b) from which table does the system checks for PO in planned receipts ? Is it MD04 ?

1c) which PO date is considered for ATP check ?

2a) For planned issues, which sales ordesr are considered. Are open sales order (without delivery) considered during ATP check ?

2b) Which date in sales orders are used for doing ATP check ?

2c) which table is used to fetch sales orders for ATP check ?

3) Can I include both sales orders and outbound deliveries for ATP check in sales order ? will it not amount to double qty being considered for sales order since the sales order will also get considered and its delivery will also get considered ?