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Mar 19, 2015 at 10:34 AM

DM Package (Clear) for a specific CATEGORY but allow User defined on others


Hello Experts,

We are running Netweaver, Version 10.0 SP13

We are trying to create a DM Package that will clear data for a specific and non-selectable CATEGORY Member ID but allows Users to make their own selections on several other Dimensions.

By locking the Package down to a single CATEGORY we can offer our End Users the flexibility to clear different intersections of their own data (as and when required) but mitigate any risk that this type of activity can pose to the rest of the data in our Model.

For some Dimensions, this could default to <ALL> so it would not be necessary for the End User to see these Dimensions in the PROMPT box.

This table shows our Dimensions and how we would like to handle each Dimension:

Dimension Dimension Type DM Package Requirement ANALYSIS S <ALL> BRAND U User must be able to select CATEGORY C

Fixed/Non Selectable


CUSTOMER E User must be able to select DATASRC D User must be able to select INDUSTRY U <ALL> METRIC A

User must be able to select

(Ideally limited to just MC_MKT and MC_RT)

PRODUCT U User must be able to select RPTCURRENCY R <ALL> SUPPLY_SITE U <ALL> TIME T User must be able to select

Please explain how we could do this. Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated.