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Mar 19, 2015 at 10:54 AM

"Create Admin Cache File" step takes very long to complete when process a dimension



I am just wondering if anyone would have a clue about the possible causes of "Create Admin Cache File" step taking very long to complete when process a dimension.

Description of the issue:

1. This is a relative complex dimension, with 6 hierarchies, used to take 30 minutes to process this dimension

2. Recently, a new hierarchy is added, therefore 7 hierarchies now. It takes 2 hours to process this dimension, with more than 1.5 hours time spending on "Create Admin Cache File" step.

3. "Create Admin Cache File" access a folder called data\webfolders\<environmentname>\System Files. I have tried to delete above dimension's XML, and Analysis Service File in that folder; and also deleted this dimension's XML and Analysis Service File from _Admin_Cache zip file. So this set of files can be generated fresh. My rational behind this was that "Create admin cache file" step compares what is in System Files folder with the latest dimension, therefore takes long time to complete. After deleting it, it takes the same amount of time to process the dimension.

4. Dimension can be processed successfully, with no error message.

5, When I process this dimension in Analysis Service directly, it was very fast.

Can any one advise:

- What other factors that could affect the time takes to complete "Create admin Cache file"?

- If one more hierarchy added is the problem, why other steps, such as update member information for hierarchy, create dimension table etc. are completed in a reasonable time.

Many thanks in advance!