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Former Member
Mar 18, 2015 at 06:02 PM

Rank is sorting oddly: puts 4 over 3


I have created ranking variables to create Top n / All Others and for other functionality.

The rank number is assigned correctly, I verified with the data.

Why would it sort the Rank Column like this: 1,2,4,3,5 ?

Here is the variable:

=Rank( [Total Quota]; [System]) ForEach( [System]) In( [System])

[Total Quota] is a variable that sums quota for all departments.

Here it shows a simple block and that it won't sort correctly. Without Total Quota in the block it will sort correctly.

Again, I need the variable for uses that using the simple rank and/or sort will not work with.

Any suggestions? Am I disassociating the rank and Total Quota some how?