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Mar 18, 2015 at 12:10 PM

Search XML Extract schedule task


Hello Sourcing Experts,

I had a question about the Search XML Extract scheduled task that runs every day(midnight) in the background for the SAP Sourcing Global Search.

Where can we find whether XML extract schedule executed without errors. We have logged in with system user but we are not able to find the exact location of this Scheduled task execution details.

We are getting error when we use global search in our sourcing system, so we want to check on XML extract from DB.

We are on Application Version: 9.0.17

Error: Your search could not be executed. You may need to quote some of the search terms if they are reserved SQL terms.

Wildcard searches may also fail if the wildcard is specified after just a single character (for example; r*)

If anyone have idea on the issue please let me know which parameter is causing this and guide me to get XML extract scheduled task details.