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Mar 18, 2015 at 10:06 AM

Change in Host Name in SAP 4.7 R/3 Environment


Hi Friends,

We are running SAP 4.7 R/3 in our office with two servers production and development. Production Server with hostname :- production-2 & SID - "PRD" and Development Server with hostname :- hpserver & SID - "TES"

Recently, our development server crashed...

I installed SAP 4.7 R/3 in new hardware server with hostname as "DEVELOPMENT" & SID as "TES". Successfully restored oracle database from old development server and further applied SAP license key.

Today night, we are taking the new development server alive, my question is will there be any problems because of change in hostname (from old development server with hostname:-hpserver to new development server with hostname:-development) ???


M Sridhar Srinivas

8108 252 001