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Mar 18, 2015 at 08:43 AM

WM Source bin not determined automatically during pick


Hi All

For GI to delivery, when I do pick using LT03, system does not populates the source details automatically:

I think, it is because the SUT is not populated automatically

But, the palletization data is maintained for the part:

Also, Storage type check is active and indicator maintained correctly

No storage section check is active

for storage type 210, all SUTs are allowed

Also, when I manually enter the SUT as AA in the transfer order, system picks the bin from 210,

but does not populates the QUANT & SU number:

In LS26, there is a enough stock available, all with Quants and SU numbers in GATE1 bin

Please suggest!

Best Regards

Yogesh Agarwal.


Bin.png (18.8 kB)
MM.png (34.3 kB)