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Mar 18, 2015 at 04:22 AM

Admin configuration of NWBC


Hi fellow NWBC-experts.

We have been struggling in my company to adopt the new NWBC 5.0 and SAP GUI 7.40. As of now i simply haven't recommended it to anybody as i thought there were too many complications. ( I still see people installaing have to do another migration to get their SAP GUI entries inside NWBC 5.0) But that is not why i write this question.

I want to create an installation package where i set some settings for the users. I think there are a number of settings, that are enabled per standard, that is really annoying (for example that when you launch a transaction if defaults thinks you want to do a desktop search) I know that this can be handled in the personalize settings, but i want to do it for my users.

I have tried two thing and haven't been successful.

1. I tried to create a remote nwbcoptions.xml file and linking to that, however i didn't see any of my settings being copied over.

It mentions these two options


<!--<Path> http://url/NwbcOptions.xml </Path>-->

<!--<Path> file:///local_share//Software/SAP/SAPgui/NwbcOptions.xml </Path>-->


I have deleted the <!-- and --> at the beginning and end of the string, but without any luck, but by using a http and a file.

2. I tried to edit the NwbcOptions.xml.template in the installation directory to put in my settings, but this didn't have any effect neither. Please give me some pointers in what i am doing wrong. I even tried to copy my NWBCoptions.xml and replace the template with this. No luck :-(