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Jan 13, 2006 at 04:30 PM

Serialization by Object Type of IDOCS Out of XI



I have the following scenario:


If an IDOC errors out (bad data sent in, customer locked etc.) it is going to create a work item on the receiving SAP system that will be reprocessed by a business user.

The situation I want to prevent is this:

IDOC 1 -

Updates customer 100.

Changes the street to 222 Main St.

This IDOC errors out because customer 100 is locked. A work item gets created for reprocessing.

IDOC 2 sent in before the work item is reprocessed -

Updates customer 100. Customer is no longer locked.

Changes the street to 222 Main St South.

Now the work item is reprocessed and the customer is updated to 222 Main St when it should be 222 Main St South.

I think I can use serialization to prevent the second IDOC from being processed before the 1st IDOC is successfully processed. However, I would like to allow an IDOC for customer 300 to be processed even if an IDOC for customer 100 is in error.

Can I use Serialization By Object Type to accomplish this?( shows me how to set up the Serialization on the receiving SAP system. However it states that the serialziation has to be set up on both systems. Does this mean that I just do that same config on the XI system? How does XI support the Serialization By Ojbects concept?