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Mar 17, 2015 at 02:14 PM

DTP Transports w/ Same Technical Name


In our Quality Environment we are targeting 2 different Clients 110 & 120. 110 is our development client and 120 is our UAT client which is a temporary client but we still need to be able to load data from this client in order to validate tests.

We've transported our objects to 110 last week and all went well. This week we re-transported the transports for transformations, data sources, info packages, and data transfer packages targeting the 120 client. Everything transported fine with the exception of the DTPs. The problem were having with the DTPs is that the technical name did not change from Dev - QA and as such it overwrite the DTP that was originally there for 110. Ideally we should have 2 DTPs, 1 targeting 110 and the other targeting 120 but we now have 1 DTP targeting 120 which overwrote the 110.

I've read a lot of posts where people are talking about issues because the technical names are changing from envionrment to environment but in my case becase the DTP technical names didn't change I eneded up with an issue of overwriting the previous object.

FYI, all the other objects that were transported did transport with different technical names (For both clients) with the exception of DTPs. The DTPs are the only object so far that are not getting new technical names when transported.

Any ideas?