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Mar 17, 2015 at 12:39 PM

sysremote logins is empty


Hi all,

I am using ASE-15.0.2 and when I use sp_monitorconfig 'remote logins' it shows 1300 active connections but when I check in sysremotelogins table it is empty.

After going through the source of sp_monitorconfig I noticed that it fetches the data from a temporary table "resource_result_tbl" and data in this table is inserted through,

insert into #resource_monitor_tbl values(19, 118, "active_remote_logins", "hwm_remote_logins",null, null, 0, 1)

After checking futher I found config_admin() function.

What does this function do..?

How does it get the data..?

Is it the wrong way of checking for this information..?

Any help would be of great use.. 😊 😊