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Mar 17, 2015 at 11:30 AM

Program "RSM04000_ALV" not found


Hi All,

I am getting the dump LOAD_PROGRAM_NOT_FOUND continuously in the System almost 1000 dumps in a day. Couldn't find any reason for occurring. From the dump I could find that RSM04000_ALV program is not found and checked in the system, not found

The above mentioned program is relevant to the tcode SM04 but from the system I could find that RSM04000_ALV_NEW program was defined to that tcode. But here I don't understand from where this program is being called? With respective to above dump, one more dump is also repeating DYNPRO_SEND_IN_BACKGROUND. I hope this relates to above specified dump.

Could anyone please help me on this. For more information, I am pasting the dump

Short Text

Program "RSM04000_ALV" not found.

What happened?

There are several possibilities:

Error in the ABAP Application Program

The current ABAP program "SAPLSXMB" had to be terminated because it has

come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.


Error in the SAP kernel

The current ABAP program "SAPLSXMB" had to be terminated because the ABAP

processor detected a system error.

What can you do?

Note down which actions and inputs caused the error.

Using Transaction ST22 for ABAP Dump Analysis, you can look

at and manage termination messages, and you can also

keep them for a long time.

Error analysis

On account of a branch in the program (CALL FUNCTION/DIALOG, external

PERFORM, SUBMIT) or a transaction call, another ABAP/4 program ("RSM04000_ALV")

should be be loaded.

Program "RSM04000_ALV" is not in the library however.

Possible causes:

a) Wrong program name specified in an external PERFORM or SUBMIT or,

when defining a new transaction, a new dialog module or a new function

module. Note in particular that the program name must be written in


b) Transport error

How to correct the error

Check the most recent transports to the SAP System.

Are changes currently being made to program "SAPLSXMB"?

To process the problem further, contact you SAP system


Has the correct program been entered in table TSTC for transaction "


If the error occurs in a non-modfied SAP program, you might be able to

find a solution in the SAP Notes system. If you have access to the SAP

Notes system, check there first using the following keywords:




If you cannot solve the problem yourself, please send the following

information to SAP:

1. This description of the problem (short dump)

To do this, choose System -> List -> Save -> Local File (unconverted)

on the screen you are in now.

2. A suitable system log

To do this, call the system log in transaction SM21. Restrict the time

interval to ten minutes before the short dump and five minutes after

it. In the display, choose System -> List -> Save -> Local File


3. If these are programs of your own, or modified SAP programs: Source

code of these programs

To do this, choose More Utilities -> Upload/Download -> Download in

the Editor.