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Mar 17, 2015 at 05:32 AM

Question on Dis-aggregation Calculation types in Demand planning


Hi All,

I have some queries on Dis-aggregation calculation types APO Interactive Demand planning. I have gone the SAP document on the same. It clearly explains what are the different calculation types and how does each work. However I would like to know the below point,

1. Why is dis-aggregation necessary.

I believe the forecast accuracy would be more if planning is done at a aggregated level. To get the values at the lower level, dis-aggregation is necessary. Also planning at detailed level consumes lot of load on the system because of which dis-aggregation is necessary. Is my understanding correct.

2. Under which business condition, which calculation type would be used.

I would like to know the practical scenario where each of the calculation types would be ideally suitable.

Can anyone help me understand the above.