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Mar 16, 2015 at 08:39 PM

APO SNP Hierarchies (Aggregates)


Hello Gurus:

I have setup SNP for Hierarchies at Product/Location. I run a heuristic and orders are generated at the material level. When I try to run the Location Aggregation, it says it is doing it, but nothing changes (no orders put at Aggregation level). When I go into the Hierarchy at top level and change an order and then hit Location Disaggregation, I get this error.

Members for [plant] and [material] do not exist in model 000 and hierarchy [rels_lokationsprodukt]

Here are some details:

1. We are on SCM 713, support pkg 1

2. We have the prod location hierarchy setup, in addition to product hierarchy and location hierarchy. All are assigned to active model 000.

3. I am using an Aggregates SNP Planning Book which I created by copying SNP02.

4. In SNP Administration, I have setup Aggregated Planning (2nd to last tab) for using Location Product Hierarchy Structure RELS_LOKATIONPRODUKT

So, I feel as though I must be missing one small obvious step here.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Andrea Fuschetto